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So I wrote a really great post a while ago using my brand new itouch, and much to my supreme delight, the thing basically ate it. That has to be one of the most frustrating things ever, when you find yourself completely at the mercy of some piece of technology, an inanimate piece of wiring and microchips, and you can do nothing but stare at it (alternating puppy eyes and the hairy eyeball while cursing/begging under your breath). We’ve all had papers mysteriously disappear from our computers after hours spent on them, and it’s a hopeless feeling because you know you can never write one better than the original. It’s like the difference between books and movies; even if you try to expand upon the idea, it never bests the original, because it’s always secondary.

In all seriousness, I think I have an aversion to technology in general. Probably because it seems to have an aversion to me. I have never met anyone, with the exception of my mother, who has nearly as much trouble as I do with gadgets and gizmos. Consequently I am not someone you will find attached to her phone at the hip - but let’s be honest, since it only works half the time, why would I be?

A list of things that I currently struggle with on a daily basis: 1) My television. Age: two and a half years. Problem: attempting to integrate the dvr function AND get an uninterrupted picture is clearly too much to handle. 2) My phone. Type: droid eris. Age: not even 1 year. Problem: what isn’t the problem? Touch function is the best I’ve had, but depending on its mood at the time it can either refuse to call someone, or call them six times in a row. From my purse. To my mother. At 3 am. Sweet. 3) My new iTouch. Since the old one mysteriously disappeared after we moved, and our Big 12 gift this year was an apple gift card, I decided to get the new iTouch 4. Age: two weeks. Problem: connecting to the Internet, certain apps…especially tumblr…and they say Apple is supposed to be the best company for technology. Psh. 4) LIGHT BULBS. Dear god. Anywhere, anytime, they have the tendency to go out. And I’m talking like, random street lights above me as I’m driving in my car. The other morning, I went into my bathroom, and two of the three lights immediately burned out. Then, 30 seconds later, one of the four overhead fan lights in my bedroom popped off. When I finally bought new bulbs and replaced the burnt out ones, including the living room floodlights that have also since died, I install them only to have another one burn out. This is a common occurrence - believe me, it happens way too often to be merely coincidence. I think I’m going to start documenting it… (To be continued.) 5) my computer. Age: four years. Alright, so it’s ancient in computer years. But seriously, the thing doesn’t work. Like, the mouse won’t actually click, so I have to tap the finger pad, and that only works sporadically; it takes about as long as dial-up did, and sometimes, when all else fails, the only thing that works is smacking it with my fist. Time for a new laptop? I think so. 5.5) My old car. although I’ve since gotten rid of it, this one is mentionable purely because of how legendary The Cougar was. Everyone knew the stories of how this car would malfunction in spectacular ways, such as dying while being driven on the highway, while loaned to freshmen. And then, again, a year and a month later, dying again in the same way (fuel pump failure), only to be told that since it had been longer than a year, the warranty was void, so it would be another $900 to fix. I think in the two years I had it during college, I spent at least $800 on some odd thing or other every six to ten months or so. Finally we caved and sold Bubba (for the astounding sum of - prepare yourself - $500) and I’ve been leasing a Mazda ever since. I named it Mocho, since part of the license plate is M080, which my Venezuelan friend then informed me is slang for “cripple.” Dear lord. Oh, also, a month after I got it, the windshield cracked all the way across. SERIOUSLY????

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